Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids, White, 36
Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids, White, 36
Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids, White, 36
Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids, White, 36
Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids, White, 36

Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids, White

Gorilla Wear

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Farve: White
699 kr
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SKU #90008100R | EAN 8719699539815
Needing a pair of workout shoes to go as hard as you can? The Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids are your soon-to-be new favourite workout shoe. Let us tell you about these rugged multifunctional workhorses. Approved for use in your daily exercise, training workouts or competitive events, your feet will thank you for the support provided in your heels and arches. They are designed to be the perfect fusion of durability and comfort, capable of lasting as long as you will. The Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids will serve you wonderfully and are the ideal fitness shoes for your gym, CrossFit, or Outdoor training workouts.
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  • Multifunctional
  • Low cut design
  • TPU Heel Clip
  • Lifted foot Midsole
  • High Spring EVA insoles
  • Resilient Interior
  • Breathable Mesh Exterior

Solid Stability

  • You’ll feel the support found in the soft TPA heel clip and lifted foot midsole during those explosive movements or heavy lifting. The high spring EVA insoles provide you with comfort and protection from powerful movements or high-intensity shock landings.

Firm yet free

  • The Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrid provides both full-foot stability and the right amount of firmness. It features a low-cut design, with the ankle freely exposed, allowing for nimbler & dexterous movement. The shoe’s lightweight construction means you won’t feel like you have to expend extra effort to move your feet.

Breathable yet secure fit

  • The Breathable mesh exterior and resilient interior will allow the shoe to flex in the most critical of areas – bending with your foot as opposed to restricting your movement.  
  • All these different properties of the shoe make for a pleasant workout experience.